What is Pol and Pals?

Pol and Pals is a podcast where I, Ponyboy Pol, interview my creative Pals who are creating the life they want to live. My goal is to inspire others (but mostly myself) to be actionable about their “ideal” life.

Whether it's creating content, pursuing a hobby, or starting a business, GET INSPIRED TO CREATE the life YOU want to live by tuning in to hear how my successful pals created theirs.

New Episode Every Other Wednesday | #BeAPal

Cool… But why’d you make a newsletter?🤔

I don’t own Instagram.

To ensure that the Pol and Pals content continues to reach the people it’s supposed to reach without worrying about a timeline algorithm or a deleted social media app.

And to provide an easy way to extract the key takeaways from each episode.

So… you’re going to clog up my inbox?😐

Nah of course not…🙂

The newsletter will arrive in your inbox every other WEDNESDAY.

What should I expect from the newsletter?

  • quick summary of each episode

  • a shareable PAL quote

  • my personal takeaways from each episode

  • preview of next guest

  • … and any new Pol and Pals updates👀

How Can I Be A Pal?

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