Don't Say No To Yourself

Episode 30 ft. Nikita Redkar | Comedian, Actor, Screenwriter

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Watch/Listen Now

On episode 30, I have a #CreativeConversation with my pal, Nikita Redkar, who is a stand-up comedian, actor, and screenwriter.

She has been a standup comedian for 5+ years with notable accolades such as a semifinalist for the 2019 Funniest Person in Austin. She also wrote and acted in her debut web series, "Paranormal Disruption" and is currently studying for her Master's in film at the Met Film School in London.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • the impact/non-impact of growing up in multiple places (Austin, (Singapore, Germany, etc...) (3:04)

  • how she got into stand-up (11:26)

  • writing her first-ever web series with no prior knowledge of screenwriting/producing (21:56)

  • using comedy to detail her struggles with mental health (34:23)

  • if it's necessary to address her sexuality in her comedy (42:03)

  • her words of advice (59:31) 

Pal Quote

Pol’s Takeaways

Because my interviews are focused on my guests telling their story, I try to give them as much Talking Time as possible.
“Pol’s Takeaways” is a space for me to share my thoughts on the interview.

The Search for Validation

At the 38:05 timestamp, I ask Nikita how she’s personally worked on not being too reliant on external validation especially when stand-up comedy is so dependent on it.

I wish I could say there was some secret formula, but there's not. I also wish I could say I worked on it in therapy and got rid of that external validation need. But I still have it.

I loved Nikita’s honesty about this subject because it’s something that I struggle with as well. Not only because I create content and want it to be viewed as the greatest thing on earth, but also because like Nikita and you reading this, I’m human.

It would be great to not be affected by what others think of you, but I think that’s damn near impossible and takes a special type of person. Now, I’m not saying you’re not special, but I would bet my 401k that you also deal with this at times even if you don’t consider yourself a content creator.

It’s something I’ve dealt with ever since I first came to the states at the age of 5. In fact, I vividly remember making my first friend in elementary school. It was during recess on my first day, and a kid from my class (Arnold, I believe🤔) asked me if I wanted to play Tag with the rest of the kids at recess. And man… I thought I was a runner, I thought I was a track star.

I remember running hard asf to be the best tag player on the playground. All because I wanted that validation from my new friend.

The Solution?

“Your motivations should not be proving your doubters wrong, but instead proving your supporters right.” - Shotta Spence

I think it’s too much of an ask to tell someone, “just stop seeking validation🙄”, but I do think we can all work on thinking less of what people think about us, especially if it prevents us from being who we truly are.

If you are going to dedicate your energy to pleasing via your content, think carefully about who you’re actually trying to please and why.

Also, Arnold(🤔?), if you ever read this, thank you🙌🏿.

Creative Resource of The Week

I share a creative resource that relates to the episode topic or just whatever caught my fancy during the 2-week intermission☕️🤓

No Regrets: Living a Life Looking Forward

“Rather than obsessing about what could have been, you can take that energy and create what you want for the future.”

Read the article below if you (like me) do any of the below:

  • think about what could’ve been if you did [insert action here] differently

  • reminisce often on how dope [insert year here] was

  • believe you’ll never be as good as when you were [insert moment in time here]

Read the article

Paranormal Disruption

Check out Nikita’s comedy web series!

Especially if you’ve ever wanted to work for a “fun” team.

Coming Soon…

  • On the next episode of Pol and Pals, my pal and I will have a #CreativeConversation about growing up as a child star, feeling lost when you’re not able to do what you’ve been always able to do, and what it means to S.E.R.V.E.