Welcome to the Pol and Pals Newsletter

Why did I start a newsletter for my podcast?

Pol and Pals is a podcast where I interview my creative Pals to learn how they became who they are TODAY... to inspire you for TOMORROW.

Live | Every Other Thursday | 8 PM EST

Welcome to the Pol and Pals Newsletter

written by me, Ponyboy🐴Pol.

I created this newsletter to supplement the podcast because it recently dawned on me… I don’t own Instagram😲.

So to ensure that Pol and Pals content continues to reach the people it’s supposed to reach without worrying about a timeline algorithm or a deleted social media app (I hate my Sunday Screentime Notifications😔),

the newsletter will be sent out the MONDAY after each episode and will contain:

  • my personal thoughts from the #CreativeConversation

  • links to LISTEN or WATCH the latest episode

  • … and any new Pol and Pals updates👀

So if you’re a fan of the show or just curious asf, SUBSCRIBE BELOW!

P.S. Pol and Pals will still be posting on social media so be sure to follow on your favorite platform HERE.

P.P.S If you’ve never listened to an episode, check out the INSTAGRAM page to get a sense of the ~vibes~.